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Welcome to Something Original!

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Welcome to a blog that is home to a few young adults who like to share their ideas and experiences though writing and drawing. Here you will find something you might never have seen or heard before. Here you will see something quite imaginative. something astounding. Something Unique. 

Something Original.

Important Websites:

A translator that translates your favorite websites into different languages! Not just any languages, oh no, but languages such as Jeff K, leet, pig latin, and valley girl!

Seth’s amazing storywriting madness!


And, if we find anymore, then well, yeah.



Comments on: "Welcome to SOMETHING ORIGINAL" (19)

  1. sethimine said:

    The website is being annoying, and I can’t change anything so I was going to add THIS link:

  2. bluecreatureistoolazytologinritenow said:

    ummm…. why is there a link to your twitter account on the blog? should i put mine on there too? and why didnt you use your real name?

    random observer
    (aka bluecreature)

    • sethimine said:

      Cause I don’t wanting people stalking me, plus, sure, go ahead.

      • bluecreature said:

        well, i mostly wanted to know why you put yours on there, but it doesn’t really matter. i don’t really use my twitter anymore it was just my train of thought. thanks anyways, joseph day *winks*

  3. bluecreature said:

    sorry it says at the bottom that if we find any more… then well yea… but i took that to mean we will be finding more important websites and adding them so i did.

  4. this is an awesome website!!! i lov it sooo much! im gonna visit it everyday!!! check out my blog, orignal fashionista blog… its a girls blog!!! enjoy! thanks so much!

  5. bluecreature said:

    hey, dude, do i have your permission to take down the club penguin newsletter things? i sure don’t play it anymore, and i hope you dont!

    • sethimine said:

      I’d rather you didn’t. It may not be fun whenever you play it, but is sure as heck is fun if you play it in a cheat program in an army. So… Yeah.

      • bluecreature said:

        i won’t criticize how you’re too old for that game, i mean, i like pokemon, you like talking penguins. don’t want to be a hypocrite. still hope, youre joking, brother. so… Yeah.

  6. bluecreature said:

    i like the new look

  7. peachsupreme said:

    …..omg plz let me give you a new picture to use….

  8. what is that about?

    • peachsupreme said:

      i have no idea
      btw, i lyke ur new gravitar
      CAPPIES!!!! CHANGE URS!!!!!!
      if u want i will make u one!!!

  9. peachsupreme said:

    No offense, but this post is getting annoying…

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