Truly Something


ok, so today i officialy have started my freshman year at school…

i’ll try to post on the weekends and maybe on some weekdays if i’m not too busy. So to (celebrate?) my first year of high school, i’ll post this picture!!!

who wants to play as mario when you could be LUIGI!!! Starmans (or invinci stars) are the best items to get! However, when i play as Luigi all of the items tend to fall in the pits or get taken by Mario. T_T

i’m still thinking about another top 10, so if you have any ideas, please comment!


Comments on: "Schooltime…" (3)

  1. PoppyCorn said:

    i was mario and that is true-ish.

  2. skarmorysayg said:

    do top ten zelda charcters

    • Peachsupreme said:

      Ok sure, i’ll try to post on saturdays or whenever i’m free
      I like my school, but i’m really busy all of the time :<

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