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The end is here

So finally (after many months of my laziness) We have come to the end of my top ten favorite zelda characters.

And before you ask me why this took so long, let’s just say that i am currently stuck in a rut and i have had no inspiration to draw for weeks… well i have been drawing chibis and part of my pokemon book but that’s just about it.

SO enough ranting, Number 1 isssssssss the green machine himself…

😀 Toon Link!


you didn’t actually think that tingle would be #1 did u :3



Comments on: "The end is here" (5)

  1. Peachsupreme said:

    Might i add that today marks the day that i started using anime style coloring instead of painting style 1 year ago 😀 (see my vivian picture)

    • sethimine said:

      You may ;D

      Hey do you and Blue wanna go catch a movie Saturday if I’m not grounded…. again?

      (you never know)

      • bluecreature said:

        shore thing. im good just make sure you be good too so ur not grounded. whatare you thinking about seeing? iveseen megamind, its pretty good nice twist to it if not a bit predictable… whatelse is out there?

        is sayg coming too?

      • bluecreature said:

        oh yea! lets see the green hornet! all in favor?

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