Truly Something

So. we all know the world is going to end this year on December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) and, with  the apocalypse just 2 months away, I’d like to start a little series. It’s always been prophesized that prior to the End of the World, there will be seven signs that this apocalypse is the real deal and not just humans being paranoid again. Signs of things that should never happen; of things that nature should have prevented. So, for those of you who think that you’ll survive to see 2013 because this apocalypse is a hoax, I want to compile the 7 reasons that the world is ending, counting down fro 7 to one. I want to upload Sign #1 exactly two months from now. I’ll start with two today, just because 7 is a lot of posts for this blog to get in 2 months.

Sign #7: We all know our very own Peachsupreme. She’s a great artist and an amazing person. But there’s something you may not know about her: she’s never bee one for social media. But, just recently, she’s made a facebook account. That’s something no one saw coming. Obviously i’m being sarcastic, and just because Peach is on the interwebz doesn’t neccesarily mean we’re all going to die a fiery death in the middle of winter, but it’s a nice change all the same. Even if she rarely ever uses it.

Sign #6: this sign is real talk. We dont play no games when listing signs of the apocalypse. Broken Xbox, red ring of death, all day, don’t play no games. except for up there, of course. but this is real. It’s downright scary. Take a look.

Darn, the insert video from youtube option is broken. just click the link, i’ll try to fix it later.

tying my shoes

Yes, that’s right. the human race has learned to tie it’s shoes without hands. with this age-old limiting factor in how we tie our shoes diminished, the world must surely be slowly spiraling into madness and disrepair. What could possibly be next?


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