Truly Something

Alright, so i’m gonna put a whole bunch of stuff in this post becausse there’s a lot going on.

First of all, Sign #5 for why the world is ending….

Do i need to say anything else? Maybe i do. I’ll just give you this to think about as well:

Next on the agenda, It’s Halloween, baby! When halloween rolls around, you can just feel it… I love it! It’s the beginning of the halloween season, it’s a fun night of frivolities and mouth-stuffing, and I’d be hard-pressed not to celebrate it every time it comes around. Halloween also tends to feature a lot of scarier stuff than normal everywhere, so that’s always a plus for me. One thing that I really like about halloween is the pumpkin carving tradition. there’s some amazing artwork out there in pumpkin carving, like that of my friend Phillip:

Meanwhile, this is what I tried to carve:

And, after a week of rotting, this is what it looks like:


And, while my pumpkin artwork isn’t all that impressive, we do have a new drawing for the sticky mde by our very own Peachsupreme! Amazing as always, thanks!

Also, according to wordpress, this is my one hundredth post. Really? That’s a lot. I’ve been posting on ths blog for years now. I never expected to still be here into my junior year in high school. Not that I’m unhappy that I am, on the contrary, there’s no place else I’d rather be. It just hit me, though, how long we’ve been here. The URL is nearly 3 years overdue by now. Did we really expect to be done with this blog after we graduated grade school? Did we really think we’d be able to say goodbye? I think I did then, but not anymore. I know I don’t want things to change, and I know I want to be here until I can comment on my two hundredth post. So guys, let’s keep in touch.

^well, dang! that’s kinda sobering. Just ignore that. Here, watch this video to put a smile back on your face:


Comments on: "Sign #5, HALLOWEEN, and a milestone!" (1)

  1. peachsupreme said:

    Wow, it said that my last post was my 131st post, i wonder what my 100th post was…

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