Truly Something

Top ten 2012 #2

Guess #1 will have to come tomorrow… oh well, water under the bridge. Happy new year everyone!

Number 2 Previous Picks

(2oo8)                                                                    (2009)

#2 Bowser   2 Bowser


Bowser (Super Mario Bros)

2 Bowser


I remember Bowser being the first gijinka I ever drew. I started liking Bowser after playing Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, he’s always portrayed as a goofball in the mario rpgs. I also like playing as him in mario tennis and mario kart as a power player. He has the kind of character that has a tough exterior and is a sensitive person on the inside. I also like designing black leather clothes for him to wear 😉 .

It’s all over tomorrow! See you then!

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