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Summer update :)

*sets down luigi’s mansion dark moon*
Heya there! After my computer’s hard drive crashed and I almost lost all of my drawing that i’ve been working on, i decided that I should stop being lazy and start posting more.
So over the summer i’m going to try posting at least twice a week, maybe i’ll make a schedule but don’t count on that -_-,
I’ll just give you a little preview…
1. I have been working on a new top ten, so that should show up soon as i’m, like 33% done with that
2. Lots of video game art to come, but that’s nothing new.
3. I’d like to start talking about upcoming games or games that just came out, like with my gaming corner… maybe, but i’ll defiantly have videos of trailers and art to show.
4. I’ll still be posting on my deviantart and on my site, which I should work on a bit :#)
5. Finally i’m working on a special comic for this site (OMG!) but it’s still in the works so stay tuned for more details!
6. I’ll work on the summer picture for this year… soon…
so anyway, hopefully i’ll post some stuff on friday, but until then here’s funny video with a hint to the next top 10 list!

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  1. peachsupreme said:

    Ok, for some reason it just squished all my text together so i hope it’s not too hard to read, sorry about that.

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