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Life used SUMMER!

 It’s super effective! Bluecreature Fainted!

It’s not very effective against Peachsupreme! Peachsupreme used Blog posts! Something Original is pleased!

Sethimine is fast asleep. Summer had no effect on him!

Hello everyone. I’m not going to say i’m back from a long hiatus, because i think i’ve said that too many times now. But i am back, Peach mentioned to me that she had posted a couple times, i wanted to see them, realized i hadn’t posted at all this year, and now i’m here. Writing a blog post about nothing. well, Peach’s drawings on the front page remind me of something, as well as bringing with that reminder a feeling of guilt.

When summer first started, i had wanted to make a pokemon comic series, one about members of team rocket during the original gameboy game, but they’d be good guys helping Red take down Giovanni without Red ever figuring it out. it would have 8 parts, each about 20 to 30 pages, and i was even jumping ahead to a continuation of the story into the gold and silver games. It sounded really cool in my head, i could imagine what each scene would look like on paper, and i started work on it. But it’s just too much work. i got three pages laid out, gave them to peach to draw the people because i can’t draw manga-style people, was going to get them back so i could color them in GIMP, and then i just stopped. i’m never going to get finished with this.

It sounds a lot like Pokemon Teal, tbh. Something like this is too time-consuming for one or two people. It’s still too much to organize four people to work on it equally. Imagine spending a week laying out a few pages, waiting to get those pages back, spending another two weeks or more coloring and shopping everything to look good, then having to repeat that process several times to get one entry, and then making seven (or 15, with the sequel series) more entries.. It would never get done. So I just want to give up. I’ll have far less free time than i do now starting in a few weeks, as i’ll be in florida, and then i’ll be working (at a real job!), and then I’ll be at school AND I’ll be working. So I just can’t. I’d like to. I’d like other people to see this image i have in my head, but I just can’t.

So, i’m back, and i’m sitting here thinking about what i can start writing about because otherwise i’ll just be making another “after a long hiatus” speech in January next year. So like, yea. There’s only one thing left i can think to do, as its getting pretty late and i can’t make complex thoughts when i’m tired.


I decided to test out these captions to see what it would do. i hoped that my comments would show up if you rested your mouse on the image, but alas, they just show up at the bottom.

I do about as well making food

I do about as well making food

That dog looks kinda dead

That dog looks kinda dead

I have seen that today, actually.

I have seen that today, actually.

I know it's the NSA, not Obama, but this is still funny

I know it’s the NSA, not Obama, but this is still funny

I think that his fourth badge looks like the companion cube from portal

I think that his fourth badge looks like the companion cube from portal

This will work

This will work

Alright then, it”s out of my system.

Have a nice month!


2 final reasons the world should have ended… yesterday?

Hey guys, I’m back with the final reasons that the world is ending, so let’s get down to #2!


This picture was taken on December first this year, in Washington, DC. But what does this picture have to do with the end of the world, you ask? well, let me read you the final sign of the end of days (which assumes that all of the other signs have already occurred), from Revelations:

The sign of the Son of man (the Cross) will appear in the heavens and then will take place the Second Coming of Christ with power and great glory. Angels will be sent and shall gather the elect together ‘from the        four winds’

^That sure looks like a cross too me.

So yes, I did mean to post the last two reasons that the world is ending ON the day the world ends, but something I was doing yesterday actually took a lot longer than I expected. That’s ok though, because it’s actually #1 on my list:


I’m street legal, baby! Watch out, new driver, coming through! Back when I first heard about this when Mayan Calendar thing, I realized that that would be the year I got my license. One o f my friends thought this was funny, and exclaimed that “Hey! the world’s gonna end because Ryan’s gonna crash into everything!” Or something to that effect. Flash-Forward to May of this year, and it’ about a week after my birthday. I take the permit test, and miss it by one point. because I was going to be leaving for vacation, and because I’m a slacker, I didn’t get back to take the test until June 21st. it wasn’t until later on that I realized that exactly six months after that date, the world would end.  The prophecy was coming true.

Someone explained to me that the waiting period for being able to take the road test wasn’t six months, but 180 days. this was good for me, because it made me able to take the test starting on the 19th, which would at least dispute my suspicions that I was the bringer of Armageddon. Then in August I took a Driver’s Ed class, and part of their deal was they would take care of the hassle of setting up your own test. Well, they set me up all right, but it was for the 21st. I informed he woman that I was actually eligible to take he test starting on the 19th. she told m that both the 19th and 20th were full. So my test was set for 2:10, 12/21/12. I’m not even making this up. It really felt like fate.

So even though I passed with flying colors, I still felt a little superstitious about the whole thing. That, combined with someone’s parents not wanting their daughter to drive around with a guy who just got his license, made me not feel the need to drive for the rest of the day after I passed. I can totally understand not trusting me, by the way. MY world would have ended if anything were to happen to the passenger of the car.



Sign #s 3 and 4

Hey guys! I’ve been, like, more than super busy in the past two weeks with finals and whatnot, but I realized last night that we only have a week until the world ends! plus I kinda ran out of ideas for why the world is ending, but I got some help, and I have 2 more reasons for you!

Sign #4

We all grew up with sesame street. they taught us the ABC’s, numbers, and how to love cookies. It’s been around since before even my dad was born, since 1969. But now the guy who plays Elmo, Kevin Clash, is being fired! What will the world be like when Elmo has a new voice?

Sign #3

Hostess went bankrupt? what the heck?! twinkies are, like, the world’s universal fatty foods! how could the entire world jut stop buying twinkies? Did Americans forget that they need to eat to continue to gain weight? it doesn’t make any sense to me. And then, what makes even less sense is when people found out that Hostess was going out of business, all of their products flew off the shelves! a single twinkie in “mint condition” sold for 500 dollars on ebay. in Chicago, when Hostess’ last shipment hit the stores, people went mad, there were fights all across the city, people stealing boxes out of each other’s carts…. it was worse than black Friday. And that’s saying something.

Now I need to find two more reasons by Friday night….
oh, and speaking of which…..


Now, you and I both know that the world won’t really end, the 21st will come and go, but if it did, would you be fine with that? Is there nothing you would think to do in your final moments? There’s definitely some things that I don’t want to go my whole life without doing. If the world were to end on Friday, if you could see the faint outline of a meteor as it crashes toward you, what would be the last thing you do on this planet? would you want to spend your final moments lying on your back, watching the sky change colors and feeling the temperatures rise as the meteor gets closer? would you break a law, or do something you normally wouldn’t because you’re afraid of the consequences? or would you rather be blissfully unaware, distracting yourself somehow so that you don’t have to think about it? would you spend it running around like a chicken with your head cut off, wishing you had more time to say and do what you always meant to? If you could only talk to one person before we all went up in smoke, who would it be? what would you say?  Would you want to be alone when it happened? or would you want to be with someone you care about?

Food for thought!



Sign #5, HALLOWEEN, and a milestone!

Alright, so i’m gonna put a whole bunch of stuff in this post becausse there’s a lot going on.

First of all, Sign #5 for why the world is ending….

Do i need to say anything else? Maybe i do. I’ll just give you this to think about as well:

Next on the agenda, It’s Halloween, baby! When halloween rolls around, you can just feel it… I love it! It’s the beginning of the halloween season, it’s a fun night of frivolities and mouth-stuffing, and I’d be hard-pressed not to celebrate it every time it comes around. Halloween also tends to feature a lot of scarier stuff than normal everywhere, so that’s always a plus for me. One thing that I really like about halloween is the pumpkin carving tradition. there’s some amazing artwork out there in pumpkin carving, like that of my friend Phillip:

Meanwhile, this is what I tried to carve:

And, after a week of rotting, this is what it looks like:


And, while my pumpkin artwork isn’t all that impressive, we do have a new drawing for the sticky mde by our very own Peachsupreme! Amazing as always, thanks!

Also, according to wordpress, this is my one hundredth post. Really? That’s a lot. I’ve been posting on ths blog for years now. I never expected to still be here into my junior year in high school. Not that I’m unhappy that I am, on the contrary, there’s no place else I’d rather be. It just hit me, though, how long we’ve been here. The URL is nearly 3 years overdue by now. Did we really expect to be done with this blog after we graduated grade school? Did we really think we’d be able to say goodbye? I think I did then, but not anymore. I know I don’t want things to change, and I know I want to be here until I can comment on my two hundredth post. So guys, let’s keep in touch.

^well, dang! that’s kinda sobering. Just ignore that. Here, watch this video to put a smile back on your face:


7 Reasons the World is Ending

So. we all know the world is going to end this year on December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) and, with  the apocalypse just 2 months away, I’d like to start a little series. It’s always been prophesized that prior to the End of the World, there will be seven signs that this apocalypse is the real deal and not just humans being paranoid again. Signs of things that should never happen; of things that nature should have prevented. So, for those of you who think that you’ll survive to see 2013 because this apocalypse is a hoax, I want to compile the 7 reasons that the world is ending, counting down fro 7 to one. I want to upload Sign #1 exactly two months from now. I’ll start with two today, just because 7 is a lot of posts for this blog to get in 2 months.

Sign #7: We all know our very own Peachsupreme. She’s a great artist and an amazing person. But there’s something you may not know about her: she’s never bee one for social media. But, just recently, she’s made a facebook account. That’s something no one saw coming. Obviously i’m being sarcastic, and just because Peach is on the interwebz doesn’t neccesarily mean we’re all going to die a fiery death in the middle of winter, but it’s a nice change all the same. Even if she rarely ever uses it.

Sign #6: this sign is real talk. We dont play no games when listing signs of the apocalypse. Broken Xbox, red ring of death, all day, don’t play no games. except for up there, of course. but this is real. It’s downright scary. Take a look.

Darn, the insert video from youtube option is broken. just click the link, i’ll try to fix it later.

tying my shoes

Yes, that’s right. the human race has learned to tie it’s shoes without hands. with this age-old limiting factor in how we tie our shoes diminished, the world must surely be slowly spiraling into madness and disrepair. What could possibly be next?


Tangent time!

so, i was bored today and decided to pass the time by checking out the front page of youtube, because unless it has something to do with politics, guns, or pewdiepie, the content on the front page is generally pretty interesting. I happened accross this video, which starts out being about doodling in math class, but the girl in the video goes off to talk about so many different things and then always comes back to the logic of parabolas. I thought it was pretty cool, and i had a lot of trouble with things like parabolas and ellipses and whatnot last year in algebra 2, so it was also kinda informative.

And that’s pretty much it. thanks for watching.


Blue’s Rant #1

So i’m calling this blue’s rant #1 because in the last one i didn’t really talk about what i wanted to. i expressed displeasure in the Wii U, but that’s not really what i intended it to be about. i had other things in mind, things i’ll talk about here, but the other one got to be so long that i didn’t want to introduce a new subject. and now that i say that, this one will probably be even longer.

But anywho, i’d like to just talk about things that come to mind here, starting with why i have started to use bold so much. You see, i write things the way that I would want to read them. but not everyone would read them the same way. sometimes i intend on emphasizing a part of a story, and it changes how you would see the story if you read it the wrong way. Let me explain with the following sentence:
“Then I pressed the red button.”

as it is, this is a simple sentence. but maybe i want to imply:

“Then i pressed the red button.”

That there was some event that happened before i could press the button, like dialing a code. Meanwhile,

“Then I pressed the red button.”

would imply someone else pressed the button before me. Or

“Then I pressed the red button”

could mean that i was doing something else with the button, like pulling on it, or spinning it, or licking it. Wait. Well, I think you get the idea.

Before i move to something else, tho, i thought i would post one of the first commercials for one of nintendo’s most beloved ips. it’s so horrific that i actually questioned how anyone even bought the first game.

Don’t you just love white people?

but back to the rant, theres something I’ve been noticing for quite a while now. Everyone knows Peach and Seth, right? Right. And if either of you are uncomfortable with the following, feel free to edit it. Peach is known as peachsupreme on wordpress, deviantart, and gmail. Seth is known as Sethimine on WordPress, deviantart, gmail, minecraft, skype, and i even remember that was his name on runescape back when it was popular (way back). But what am i known as? bluecreature44 on wordpress, coldryanman on deviantart, galihadtdt on skype and minecraft, and i have 2 email accounts, artinforyan on gmail, which is now totally defunct because it got hacked by china and i just deleted it for the second time, and rnclmn4 on gmail, which i will use until it gets hacked by some other country.

Why is it that they only go by one name and i go by so many different ones? Am I just cursed to never be known as a singular entity, and people will constantly have to strain themselves to remember who I am elsewhere? Trust me, I want to go by just one name. i just don’t know which one. So, let me explain most of the names I have created.

artinfoRyan was the email i made when i thought that was what i would be doing on the blog, writing info on famous artists. Turns out thats incredibly boring, so when i made my wordpress account i picked something else instead. apparently we would all be assigned colors and animals, so i wanted to be a blue monster like sully on monsters inc or something. Hence, Blue Creature 44. (4 was my favorite number, and bluecreature4 was taken) of course, now i’m a rabbit, which is even better than what i had in mind. My new email was an attempt at having a more professional email address by using my own name(withought the vowels) and of course the number 4.

on deviantart i am coldryanman because i was creating an account in order to post some artwork i had made at my high school. Bluecreature44 was taken, so i just decided to pick a name that suited me. coldman and coldryanman are what my friends call me at high school, so i went with that. turns out blucreature44 had been take by none other than myself (silly me) and i had never used it. the memory of my doing this was completely missing until i found a slip of paper in my room with the words: Deviant Login; bluecreature44; *password* on it. now all of my art is on coldryanman, so i just used the other account to comment on my own main page as myself from the past.

Also, Galihadtdt is my only name that is used on more than one thing, but i hate it. get it away. it’s too long of a story, but i will tell you its the name “Galihad” followed by the initials “TDT”, meaning, Seth, that it is not read as”Galihadit” or “Galihadutudut”

A funfact if you are interested: i was runeqet on runescape  and cartdad on club penguin. dont even ask me why. and speaking of club penguin, what is the nacho penguins still doing on the top of the page?

Bluecreature’s Rant

Hey all, i haven’t posted in quite a long time, mostly because i’ve never had anything to write about. I still don’t, really.

However, I was just looking at Nintendo’s new video game console release at E3, the WiiU, and saw a lot of things wrong with it. And absolutely no one seems to care. so i decided i would write about that. And write a lot. But i don’t want to just write about that, either. I kind of want to get a routine going, where i show you all what the world looks like through my eyes. We’ll call this Bluecreature’s Rant.

But on to the WiiU. Like any new console release, the announced games seem like a mixed bag. Pikmen 3 looks pretty amazing, even though i have absolutely no experience in the series, while ZombiU (i think that’s how you spell it) looks absolutely and awesomely  terrifying. Gameplay may not be great, though. I’ll get to that later. Meanwhile, Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! may look cool, but is almost exactly the same as the arcade game of the same name released in 2009. I’m not even going to try to rate New Super Mario Bros. U, the fourth installment of the New series. Oh, and don’t forget about Batman: Arkham City: Armoured Edition! The amazing features of this rereleased game are the ability to change your armor using the WiiU’s new touchscreen controller, being able to control the trajectory of the batarang, and making boatloads of cash for the people who spent like 5 minutes converting the game to a new console. But I don’t want to be stuck ranting on batman. It’s a good game, after all. Why would you not want to make twice as much money on it as you should have?

What I really wanted to talk about is the new controller for the WiiU. It’s a touchscreen, I mentioned that. But that doesn’t matter. We’ve had those for years. What matters is that it even has a screen at all. For instance, on ZombiU, the tv screen depicts the player in first person shooter mode, looking for zombies. that’s fine, everything’s good so far. But down on the controller screen is the map of the whole area, the ability to switch weapons and execute commands.

This is bad, as some studies have shown that the average human brain that multitasks on two things at the the same time only retain 10% percent per item of what their focus would have been if they were only focusing on one thing. the other 80% goes to the constant switching of gears beween the two. This new controller completely takes your eyes off the game and adds fake pressure to the gameplay.  Let me explain: if you need to pull out a better weapon to obliterate a zombie army, you have to look down at the controller and look away from the army of zombies and find that better weapon on the screen in order to use it. If you’ve just killed that army of zombies and you want to look at the map to see of there are more around the corner, you have to look away from the tv, giving the perfect opportunity for a zombie to pop out from around the corner and tear you to bits.

It’s as if your new car has one square foot of front window while the rest is this awesome-looking metal, but to make up for it the designers gave you this handy tablet with a feed from a camera attached to the front of the car, so you must look down at your lap to tell whether or not you’re about to run into a semi.

Anyways, no one else seems to care about these features (and quite a few others) that would just make this console a worse version of the wii. It almost seems like Nintendo needs to replace the wii. I mean, the wii is still the newest gaming console, right? the xbox 360 hasn’t been replaced… nor the playstation 3. they have no real need to make a new game system. except to make money, of course.

And we’re not counting either of these.

The Tester

Hey guys It’s Blue. a couple of my friends have recently showed me a hilariously funny youtube series called the Tester in a Nutshell. Basically 3 minute reviews of the worst tv show of all time.

A little bit about the Tester: The tester is a game show/ reality elimination game (like biggest loser and survivor) where 12 competitors compete for a job as a video game tester. each episode centers around “challenges that definitely have something to do with gaming” like shooting watermelons with a slingshot and sitting in boxes full of bugs.

There is so much wrong with this show i don’t even know where to begin. but it’s like this: Playstation already has tons of game testers that haven’t gotten their job through The Tester. therefore, they must be doing the show for publicity. However, in order to have publicity you must have people who actually like the show. there are 2 people voted off each week, making it dificult for characters to be built, and the few likable characters (the funny ones) are all gone by episode four. So, there’s really no reason for anyone to like the show and continue watching it.

The main character: Egoraptor is a cartoonist who loves video games and has a wildly popular youtube channel (you may have heard of his 8 million hit video, PokeAwesome). He convinced his fans to vote for his submission to the show and got in. He’s the only reason anyone has heard of The Tester, and is obviously the main and really only character to 98% of the show’s viewers. the judges, not realizing this, throw him out in the third episode. at any rate, Egoraptor is the pasty white guy with long hair who looks like he’s stoned. Here’s the tester… in a nutshell:

Just felt like a riddle

i saw this and was like thats pretty cool so i posted it. end of story.

 My first is in bane but not in foe;
My second in Harry and Malfoy, too;
My third starts a small golden ball, you know;
My fourth isn’t we or they or you;
My fifth is in Slytherin but not Gryffindor;
My sixth’s in the window but not in the pane;
My seventh’s the shape of a snake on the floor
And my last is in ark but not in rain.
My whole is a monster, at Hogwarts fought,
Whose death brought the Dark Lord’s plans to naught

a little hint is that this was probably written sometime around the third book/second movie, so don’t try to guess at something later than that.