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Life used SUMMER!

 It’s super effective! Bluecreature Fainted!

It’s not very effective against Peachsupreme! Peachsupreme used Blog posts! Something Original is pleased!

Sethimine is fast asleep. Summer had no effect on him!

Hello everyone. I’m not going to say i’m back from a long hiatus, because i think i’ve said that too many times now. But i am back, Peach mentioned to me that she had posted a couple times, i wanted to see them, realized i hadn’t posted at all this year, and now i’m here. Writing a blog post about nothing. well, Peach’s drawings on the front page remind me of something, as well as bringing with that reminder a feeling of guilt.

When summer first started, i had wanted to make a pokemon comic series, one about members of team rocket during the original gameboy game, but they’d be good guys helping Red take down Giovanni without Red ever figuring it out. it would have 8 parts, each about 20 to 30 pages, and i was even jumping ahead to a continuation of the story into the gold and silver games. It sounded really cool in my head, i could imagine what each scene would look like on paper, and i started work on it. But it’s just too much work. i got three pages laid out, gave them to peach to draw the people because i can’t draw manga-style people, was going to get them back so i could color them in GIMP, and then i just stopped. i’m never going to get finished with this.

It sounds a lot like Pokemon Teal, tbh. Something like this is too time-consuming for one or two people. It’s still too much to organize four people to work on it equally. Imagine spending a week laying out a few pages, waiting to get those pages back, spending another two weeks or more coloring and shopping everything to look good, then having to repeat that process several times to get one entry, and then making seven (or 15, with the sequel series) more entries.. It would never get done. So I just want to give up. I’ll have far less free time than i do now starting in a few weeks, as i’ll be in florida, and then i’ll be working (at a real job!), and then I’ll be at school AND I’ll be working. So I just can’t. I’d like to. I’d like other people to see this image i have in my head, but I just can’t.

So, i’m back, and i’m sitting here thinking about what i can start writing about because otherwise i’ll just be making another “after a long hiatus” speech in January next year. So like, yea. There’s only one thing left i can think to do, as its getting pretty late and i can’t make complex thoughts when i’m tired.


I decided to test out these captions to see what it would do. i hoped that my comments would show up if you rested your mouse on the image, but alas, they just show up at the bottom.

I do about as well making food

I do about as well making food

That dog looks kinda dead

That dog looks kinda dead

I have seen that today, actually.

I have seen that today, actually.

I know it's the NSA, not Obama, but this is still funny

I know it’s the NSA, not Obama, but this is still funny

I think that his fourth badge looks like the companion cube from portal

I think that his fourth badge looks like the companion cube from portal

This will work

This will work

Alright then, it”s out of my system.

Have a nice month!


Runners up!

In Peachsupreme Language, a break equals 4+ months….

Oh well, here I am again with the runners up!



#11- Issun (Okami)

#12-Lucas (Mother 3)

#13-Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)

#14-Pit (Kid Icarus)

#15-HO-OH (Pokemon Gold Version)

Thanks for sticking around! I’ll be back with more art soon! Now to go play luigi’s mansion 2!

C U Later!

Top ten 2012 #1

This list has come to an end! And I only missed the deadline by one day! Hope everyone had a good new year and best wishes for 2013!

Number 1 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                         (2009)

#1 Link     1 Link

Toon Link (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)

Link and Tetra

When making this top ten list I noticed that the top 3 (and maybe even 5) were the same. I think my reasoning for this is that these characters are ones that i’ve liked for a long time and i have fond memories of. The Legend of Zelda series has always been close to my heart, and Link has always been my favorite. Personally, my favorite zelda games are the ones that feature toon link, like Wind Waker. When drawing characters, sometimes I have to look at the character to get their clothes or hairstyle right, but i’ve always been able to draw the hero’s clothes off memory. ZELDA!

So that about wraps up this top 10 list! I still have one more this to post related to this, but I think i’m going to take a bit of a breather first… See you guys soon!


Top ten 2012 #2

Guess #1 will have to come tomorrow… oh well, water under the bridge. Happy new year everyone!

Number 2 Previous Picks

(2oo8)                                                                    (2009)

#2 Bowser   2 Bowser


Bowser (Super Mario Bros)

2 Bowser


I remember Bowser being the first gijinka I ever drew. I started liking Bowser after playing Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, he’s always portrayed as a goofball in the mario rpgs. I also like playing as him in mario tennis and mario kart as a power player. He has the kind of character that has a tough exterior and is a sensitive person on the inside. I also like designing black leather clothes for him to wear 😉 .

It’s all over tomorrow! See you then!

Top 10 2012 #3

Looks like i didn’t get around to posting yesterday… curse you Rhythm Heaven Fever!

I’ll figure out someway to get this list done, i’ll probably have to post on the 1st. But that’s in the future and this is now! so lets get to it!

Number 3 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                (2009)

#3 Lucario 3 Lucario


Lucario (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)

Goin' ShoppingHah! i fixed the space!

Ever since I watched Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Lucario has been my favorite pokemon. I like him both design wise (Anubis-like) and I think his aura powers are really cool! I have a couple different gijinka Lucario designs, but the one above is of one called Lucas. … I have a habit of naming gijinkas after the first letter of their species.

Only two more to go! Now to go play badminton on my airplane!


Top 10 2012 #4

Bit of an early one today as i’m going to be traveling soon, but i should be able to post tomorrow too, maybe later.

Number 4 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                        (2009)

#4 Falco Lombardi   4 Meta Knight


Meta Knight (Kirby’s Adventure)

4 Meta Knight


Over the years i’ve been making minor changes to my humanized version of Meta Knight, but i’ve always kept the core design the same. I’ve always liked the kirby series, from watching the tv episodes every saturday to buying Kirby’s Dream collection, and Meta has always been the coolest character in my opinion. He always has that air of mystery around him and he and kirby have an interesting relationship.

Now i’m gonna go back to listening to my Wreck-it-Ralph albu….. i mean working on #3!

Top 10 2012 #5

Merry christmas everybody! Hope you had a nice holiday! I’m still trying to get the top 10 done before 2013, so lets get going!

Number 5 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                 (2009)

#5 Meta Knight   5 Falco


Falco Lombardi (Starfox)

Put em' up


I’m quite fond of this picture, (even though i don’t like drawing guns) i like how the shirt turned out. Since the other two top tens were posted, i’ve actually acquired a starfox game so now i can justify my liking of the starfox series. I’ve always admired Falco, he seems like the cool yet hotheaded anime character that i like a lot. He also has some nice one-liners 🙂 .

…looks like i’m gonna have to do one a day now… see you then!

“Hey Einstein, i’m on your side!”