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Up and Coming

Ok, so i’ve been home for a week, so why haven’t i posted anything?

Well… turns out I got sick on the last day of our vacation. it’s nothing too serious, but i’ve been taking it easy all week, so i didn’t post too much or check my e-mail/phone. I did, however work on some art and i still have lots of stuff to post, i just wanted to give a heads up.

Also, as luck would have it, Girl Scout camp is apparently next week so i wouldn’t expect too much from me then.

On a brighter note, i got a new fish. ūüôā His name’s Giroro

So cute!

So now that i feel way better i think that i’ll post my opinion on E3 tomorrow. I know that blue already beat me to the punch on the Wii U, but i still want to talk about the 3DS and some of the games that he didn’t cover so see you then!

P.s. this is cool!


Scientist one: Ok, almost done with this experiment, should only take a few more volts…

*Flash of Lightning*


Peach: ROAAAAR! ow, where im i?

Scientist two: Funny you should ask that.

Sci 1: You were in a phineas and ferb coma so we had to make some modifications,

Sci 2: So now you are Frankenpeach! MUAHHAHAHAHA!!!!

And thats the story ūüėÄ



ok, fine that’s not what happened, but i was in a Phineas and Ferb coma for a month, so the only things that i could produce were things like these:

It’s a human version of Perry and his Second Dimension Counterpart, the Platyborg.

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!! I loved it so much! The video game was a lot of fun too

ok, so i’m not officially out of my perry obsession yet, but i’ll try to post some video game things too. As well as something else i’ve been working on during my break! ūüėČ


The end is here

So finally (after many months of my laziness) We have come to the end of my top ten favorite zelda characters.

And before you ask me why this took so long, let’s just say that i am currently stuck in a rut and i have had no inspiration to draw for weeks… well i have been drawing chibis and part of my pokemon book but that’s just about it.

SO enough ranting, Number 1 isssssssss the green machine himself…

ūüėÄ Toon Link!


you didn’t actually think that tingle would be #1 did u :3



ok, so today i officialy have started my freshman year at school…

i’ll try to post on the weekends and maybe on some weekdays if i’m not too busy. So to (celebrate?) my first year of high school, i’ll post this picture!!!

who wants to play as mario when you could be LUIGI!!! Starmans (or invinci stars) are the best items to get! However, when i play as Luigi all of the items tend to fall in the pits or get taken by Mario. T_T

i’m still thinking about another top 10, so if you have any ideas, please comment!





but the worst part is, ALL OF THE MANGA BOOKS ARE IN BAD CONDITION!!!!!!!


…..*sniff…… :*(

oh well………….. it’s not their fault……..

i should just get on with life…….

So #9 is another newbie…………

#9 issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


King Boo

And since King boo is here, we must say goodbye to Min….

See ya!


i really liked drawing the plaid ūüôā

Also, there is only 1 more top 10 person, so  #10 will be in their own post.

SEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUU L8888888888888TTTTTRRRRRRR (*sniff* animecon :*( )



Welcome to Something Original!

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Welcome to a blog that is home to a few young adults who like to share their ideas and experiences though writing and drawing. Here you will find something you might never have seen or heard before. Here you will see something quite imaginative. something astounding. Something Unique. 

Something Original.

Important Websites:

A translator that translates your favorite websites into different languages! Not just any languages, oh no, but languages such as Jeff K, leet, pig latin, and valley girl!

Seth’s amazing storywriting madness!


And, if we find anymore, then well, yeah.



life is boring 4me now. i just dont see the fun in anything anymore. tv isnt fun, art isnt fun, pokemon or any video game isnt fun, reading isnt fun. what should i do?¬†dare i¬†ride exciting rollercoasters, ask a girl i dont know on a date, sword fight with pirates? my day is constantly boring, my parents always thinking im tired or sick. i no longer make jokes during conversations, or even think about summer work.(which im veryfar behind on…) i think im going to sleep and maybe have excitement in my dream…