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Summer update :)

*sets down luigi’s mansion dark moon*
Heya there! After my computer’s hard drive crashed and I almost lost all of my drawing that i’ve been working on, i decided that I should stop being lazy and start posting more.
So over the summer i’m going to try posting at least twice a week, maybe i’ll make a schedule but don’t count on that -_-,
I’ll just give you a little preview…
1. I have been working on a new top ten, so that should show up soon as i’m, like 33% done with that
2. Lots of video game art to come, but that’s nothing new.
3. I’d like to start talking about upcoming games or games that just came out, like with my gaming corner… maybe, but i’ll defiantly have videos of trailers and art to show.
4. I’ll still be posting on my deviantart and on my site, which I should work on a bit :#)
5. Finally i’m working on a special comic for this site (OMG!) but it’s still in the works so stay tuned for more details!
6. I’ll work on the summer picture for this year… soon…
so anyway, hopefully i’ll post some stuff on friday, but until then here’s funny video with a hint to the next top 10 list!

Blue’s Rant #1

So i’m calling this blue’s rant #1 because in the last one i didn’t really talk about what i wanted to. i expressed displeasure in the Wii U, but that’s not really what i intended it to be about. i had other things in mind, things i’ll talk about here, but the other one got to be so long that i didn’t want to introduce a new subject. and now that i say that, this one will probably be even longer.

But anywho, i’d like to just talk about things that come to mind here, starting with why i have started to use bold so much. You see, i write things the way that I would want to read them. but not everyone would read them the same way. sometimes i intend on emphasizing a part of a story, and it changes how you would see the story if you read it the wrong way. Let me explain with the following sentence:
“Then I pressed the red button.”

as it is, this is a simple sentence. but maybe i want to imply:

“Then i pressed the red button.”

That there was some event that happened before i could press the button, like dialing a code. Meanwhile,

“Then I pressed the red button.”

would imply someone else pressed the button before me. Or

“Then I pressed the red button”

could mean that i was doing something else with the button, like pulling on it, or spinning it, or licking it. Wait. Well, I think you get the idea.

Before i move to something else, tho, i thought i would post one of the first commercials for one of nintendo’s most beloved ips. it’s so horrific that i actually questioned how anyone even bought the first game.

Don’t you just love white people?

but back to the rant, theres something I’ve been noticing for quite a while now. Everyone knows Peach and Seth, right? Right. And if either of you are uncomfortable with the following, feel free to edit it. Peach is known as peachsupreme on wordpress, deviantart, and gmail. Seth is known as Sethimine on WordPress, deviantart, gmail, minecraft, skype, and i even remember that was his name on runescape back when it was popular (way back). But what am i known as? bluecreature44 on wordpress, coldryanman on deviantart, galihadtdt on skype and minecraft, and i have 2 email accounts, artinforyan on gmail, which is now totally defunct because it got hacked by china and i just deleted it for the second time, and rnclmn4 on gmail, which i will use until it gets hacked by some other country.

Why is it that they only go by one name and i go by so many different ones? Am I just cursed to never be known as a singular entity, and people will constantly have to strain themselves to remember who I am elsewhere? Trust me, I want to go by just one name. i just don’t know which one. So, let me explain most of the names I have created.

artinfoRyan was the email i made when i thought that was what i would be doing on the blog, writing info on famous artists. Turns out thats incredibly boring, so when i made my wordpress account i picked something else instead. apparently we would all be assigned colors and animals, so i wanted to be a blue monster like sully on monsters inc or something. Hence, Blue Creature 44. (4 was my favorite number, and bluecreature4 was taken) of course, now i’m a rabbit, which is even better than what i had in mind. My new email was an attempt at having a more professional email address by using my own name(withought the vowels) and of course the number 4.

on deviantart i am coldryanman because i was creating an account in order to post some artwork i had made at my high school. Bluecreature44 was taken, so i just decided to pick a name that suited me. coldman and coldryanman are what my friends call me at high school, so i went with that. turns out blucreature44 had been take by none other than myself (silly me) and i had never used it. the memory of my doing this was completely missing until i found a slip of paper in my room with the words: Deviant Login; bluecreature44; *password* on it. now all of my art is on coldryanman, so i just used the other account to comment on my own main page as myself from the past.

Also, Galihadtdt is my only name that is used on more than one thing, but i hate it. get it away. it’s too long of a story, but i will tell you its the name “Galihad” followed by the initials “TDT”, meaning, Seth, that it is not read as”Galihadit” or “Galihadutudut”

A funfact if you are interested: i was runeqet on runescape  and cartdad on club penguin. dont even ask me why. and speaking of club penguin, what is the nacho penguins still doing on the top of the page?

Chalk Pikmin

So since the weather’s been nice and my Mom says that i can’t spend my summer indoors, I decided to go outside and draw some chalk pictures on our tiny sidewalk (And get 10 bug bites on my legs in the process…)

Oddly the only thing that i felt like drawing was Pikmin, so my sidewalk turned into a mysterious planet.

(Top Left – Red Pikmin Top Right – Captain Olimar Bottom – Red Onion )

So i haven’t posted in a while so DOUBLE POST

#6 of my top 10 Girls is Sable from Animal Crossing!

Pro: She’s Adorable Con: She likes Tom Nook… *facepalm*

Animal Crossing has a lot of good characters, but Sable is definitely my favorite girl. 🙂

Lets hope for lots of posts this summer! CU L8TR!


ok, so i finished cappie’s gravitar

Cappies Gravitar

and so i was watching Phineas and Ferb, and i found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Although, i have different approches

for me i shall do a series of MY fav P&F song!


Go to fullsize image



Welcome to Something Original!

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Welcome to a blog that is home to a few young adults who like to share their ideas and experiences though writing and drawing. Here you will find something you might never have seen or heard before. Here you will see something quite imaginative. something astounding. Something Unique. 

Something Original.

Important Websites:

A translator that translates your favorite websites into different languages! Not just any languages, oh no, but languages such as Jeff K, leet, pig latin, and valley girl!

Seth’s amazing storywriting madness!


And, if we find anymore, then well, yeah.


I kissed a goat AND I LYKED IT!!!

This was on the radio the other day


Random pictures

I am bored right know so i’m gonna post some random picturesSarah

This is Rin from fruits basket, hey random fact, she looks exactly lyke my cousin Sarah

it’s really cool!


fyi, bluecreature, this is one of mary Cassatt’s awesome paintings


This is Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura

I’m thinking about dressing as her for animecon this year.

or I could be tohru honda from fruits basket


i don’t know, what do you all think?

Anyway that’s all