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YA YA, so me, cappies (VideoS) blur, and seth are making a new pokemon game!

so here are the trainers (by the way, if u don’t like them just comment.)

POT trainers

so yeah, and so ur rival is:

POT rival

and the region is Annastoe and the starters are:

POT starters

so i will explain the storyline in the next post so bye!!!



This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I am already starting my young Authors Story. I needed a place to save it because my stupid computer is filled to the brim with memory. Another reason why I really need to buy a mac. *hits piggy bank… then the stupid computer harddrive*

_____________No Name__________________________________

Faro walked along the ground, looking for the mauled bear carcass. He growled in frustration and looked around once more, his anger growing. His body started shaking, in uncontrollable fits. He kept on walking, seemingly unbothered by the events. His whole body then, began to change. First, his fingers, still at his sides seemed to widen, and elongate. Then, his nails split and fell to the ground, black claws erupting from whatever bloody remains his nails were. The same thing happened to his feet, his shoes, melting into his skin, and the same process happening with his nails. This time though, his feet grew downward into black pads of rougher skin. Faro’s once muscular chest, pulls in at the gut, yet at the same time, his chest erupting outward, into an even more imposing appearance. He paused, seemingly trying to gasp for breath, his waist growing wider, but not in a bad way. He suddenly arched down, his spine jutting from his back, before being covered by the brown hair, mixed with brown streaks of hair erupting from every single pore. His still human face, quickly being covered by the fast growing hair, elongated into a muzzle, cheeks flapping uselessly. Suddenly, unknown to a viewer of this miracle, sharp, white, gleaming teeth are defined against the cheeks, if they could still be called that. The hair that had now covered his entire body, thickened, able to be called fur. The leaves around him shriveled, unable to continue by the sudden blast of heat coming from the werewolf. He growled with pleasure, and stood up on his hind legs, only for a moment, to stretch his painfully throbbing back. He quickly fell back to the ground with a thump and started walking around again, only this time, with is four paws.

Nearby, and not to far away, a boy stumbled along the same path, not to far away from what would seem to him, the beast. He stumbled along the path, his glasses falling down his sweaty nose and he cursed. He cursed the Author above all things, for making him as cowardly as he was. Faro the other hand was thanking the Author once again for giving him his wonderful ability, no matter how painful it was. But another part of his small brain was still angry for no apparent reason. He had quickly found the bear and eaten it, but was still angry. He decided to take his anger out on a nearby tree, planted by him just for occasions like this. Strangely, in the sense of things, he would have noticed the boy stumbling up the path towards him, but he was too angry. The boy on the other hand, was nearly falling back off of the path and nearly did when he saw Faro. But, all he saw was a hulking, five-hundred pound wolf, practically killing a tree. It was almost dead, peeling bark and whatnot. The boy walked closer to the thing and again, cursed the Author for making him like this. He had almost gotten past it when it whirled around to face him.

Faro growled at the humani who had dared to even come within a yard of him. He whipped around and grabbed the boy by the neck, What do you want, boy? This is my territory, get off now. The boy trembled in his paws, and looked at him fearfully and stammered, “P-please d-don’t eat me!”

Faro growled and set the boy down. He painfully transformed back into a human, reversing all the effects of a wolf. He stepped back from the boy and then stepped forward and punched his face, and hard. “You idiot, I don’t eat people. Not yet anyway.” He growled again and turned around to examine his damage to the tree. The boy backed away, right into another tree, nursing his wounds to his face, a purple bruise already having appeared. He quickly started, “But-” One look from Faro stopped him in his tracks, and he slid down the trunk into a sitting, embracing his legs to his face. Faro continued to scratch at the tree, this time, only his hand a paw. Without turning away, he asked the boy, “Boy, what is your name?” The boy looked up nervously, pushing his glasses up his nose, right above his bright blue eyes, and covered only a bit by wood-brown hair.

Still stammering, he said,” M-my name is Theo, S-sir.” Faro growled at the boy and interrupted,

“Don’t you dare call me Sir right now, or ever for that matter.” Before the boy could say more, he turned around and hooked his now human hands onto a tree branch. He pulled himself up easily and kept going until he found the perfect branch, already sagging a little, and smoothed in a place from when he had sat in it so many times before. He settled himself into the well-known brown, and of course, wooden hollow and called out below him, “I am Faro. Do not bother me, because I am going to rest now, Theo.” The last part, he said through his teeth to show his extreme annoyance, and finally closed his already-heavy eyelids. He settled down deeper and deeper, until he was strong asleep.

Theo looked up at the man high in the willow tree, and decided he should get some sleep as well. He settled down into the high grass surrounding him and tried close his eyes. But, they kept snapping up to the man called Faro in the tree. He quickly decided against sleeping and stood up. He started tripping, falling, sliding, and who knows what else, towards the edge of the forest. When he finally got there, not seeing the growing blur behind his crooked back, he sat back down on the ground. “Here, I can peacefully sleep, without any chance of that- thing finding me.” He declared for the world to hear. Alas, all that heard him were the bugs, and a very angry werewolf.

Faro swept in behind the boy, Theo, and picked him up by the scruff of his neck with his bared teeth. He quickly shook the humani, trying not to smell it. He quickly, and as always, with pain, changed his forms. He dropped the boy on the ground and snarled, “Ah, so I am a thing now, am I?” He shoved the boy backward and the boy trembled uncontrollably, but not because of the reason Faro would. He was scared, almost to death. After a moment of silence, his trembling slowed, and he spoke up, for once without stumbling.

“I did not mean it like that… I was too scared of you. I mean, look at you, you’re a five-hundred, snarling, vicious wolf!” He quickly stepped back down from the perch he had taken while speaking. Faro eyed him suspiciously and finally demanded a promise out of the boy. Theo nodded timidly, and Faro let out the breath he had been unwillingly holding in. He sat down against the tree. He eyed the boy and swore, “Wait, where the hell did you get that mark on your back?” Theo froze where he had been standing. He pulled his shirt back on, and once…again, he backed away. Faro watched him and thought, Is he always this scared? He stood back up, and walked towards the boy, ordering, “Off with your shirt.” Theo cautiously obeyed and turned towards him. Faro walked towards the boy and spun him around roughly. He looked at the boy’s back, and sitting there, was a mark. Not a Tattoo, not a bruise, just- a mark. Faro’s normally flush face drained of its blood, and Theo could actually feel it get less hot near his head. He twisted around to look at Faro, and seeing him the way he was, he went to poke him. Faro easily grabbed the boy’s hand and twisted it away. Theo whined at the pain, and Faro twisted his hand a little more, and he immediately stopped whimpering. Faro let go of the hand and looked at the mark. With out saying anything, he picked up the shirt and threw it at Theo’s head and walked away.



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OMG I finished reading the last fruits basket book!!!


i seriously almost cried! (i read most of it in the car so i had to hold back tears)

Anyway i made a celebratory PP of all the series(es) that i have finished!



Ok, so i have been reading this AWESOME manga series called Fruits basket, and there is only one more book in the series that I have 2 read!!!! The bad news is that it hasn’t come out yet…. but when it does i am SO going to buy it !!!!

I just looked it up and it comes out on July 6th!!!! I seriously am SUPERCALIFRAGILEISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS excited!!!! (i totally spelled that wrong) Anyway  I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

Btw it looks lyke this,


on july 6 this is going 2 be my new gravitat :3

Anything is possible. lol

this is a story i wrote one day,

one time i was walking, well let me introduce myself. I live in a tiny trailer in Alabama and hate my family. My name is Cassie. Ya i know, its a girl name. I get made fun of all the time at school. IT totttaalyy stinnks out loud man. I have this dream to become president one day but everybody says i cant cause im different. REally im not so different. THey think im different because of my stupid voice. Ya the way i talk. I will become president.

35 years later

Cassie from Alabama has just been incarnated as pressiiideenntt. WOO