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who gets it first?

hey, sorry i know i said id post the first Something Original award last weekend but i was really busy and i just couldn’t decide… do i choose Videosayg/skarmorysayg, whose pokedexterity and LP skills make him AWESOME? or Peachsupreme, whose mario and zelda and pokemon drawings/manga are so… Original? or do i go with Sethimine… who’s got a knack for RPing and just kindof just THERE but is still really cool?

before i go into detail about why i would give it to myself, you must know i will not be awarding it to any of us. that being said i was serious i can’t think of anyone to give it to so that means you guys have to chose for me! NOT YOUSELVES YOU FREELOADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—Today, three boys in my class were giving a presentation on slavery. They decided to make it a discussion. They also decided to use Pokemon as an example. Our entire class spent a good forty-five minutes debating whether or not Pokemon in captivity is ethical. MLIA.

p.s. andi figured out what i should be4 halloween!
 i know, right? i’m gonna stick my arm inside the shirt and i’ve got a sword itll b so cool!




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Welcome to a blog that is home to a few young adults who like to share their ideas and experiences though writing and drawing. Here you will find something you might never have seen or heard before. Here you will see something quite imaginative. something astounding. Something Unique. 

Something Original.

Important Websites:

A translator that translates your favorite websites into different languages! Not just any languages, oh no, but languages such as Jeff K, leet, pig latin, and valley girl!

Seth’s amazing storywriting madness!


And, if we find anymore, then well, yeah.