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Top 10 2012 #3

Looks like i didn’t get around to posting yesterday… curse you Rhythm Heaven Fever!

I’ll figure out someway to get this list done, i’ll probably have to post on the 1st. But that’s in the future and this is now! so lets get to it!

Number 3 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                (2009)

#3 Lucario 3 Lucario


Lucario (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)

Goin' ShoppingHah! i fixed the space!

Ever since I watched Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Lucario has been my favorite pokemon. I like him both design wise (Anubis-like) and I think his aura powers are really cool! I have a couple different gijinka Lucario designs, but the one above is of one called Lucas. … I have a habit of naming gijinkas after the first letter of their species.

Only two more to go! Now to go play badminton on my airplane!



Top 10 2012 #4

Bit of an early one today as i’m going to be traveling soon, but i should be able to post tomorrow too, maybe later.

Number 4 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                        (2009)

#4 Falco Lombardi   4 Meta Knight


Meta Knight (Kirby’s Adventure)

4 Meta Knight


Over the years i’ve been making minor changes to my humanized version of Meta Knight, but i’ve always kept the core design the same. I’ve always liked the kirby series, from watching the tv episodes every saturday to buying Kirby’s Dream collection, and Meta has always been the coolest character in my opinion. He always has that air of mystery around him and he and kirby have an interesting relationship.

Now i’m gonna go back to listening to my Wreck-it-Ralph albu….. i mean working on #3!

Top 10 2012 #5

Merry christmas everybody! Hope you had a nice holiday! I’m still trying to get the top 10 done before 2013, so lets get going!

Number 5 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                 (2009)

#5 Meta Knight   5 Falco


Falco Lombardi (Starfox)

Put em' up


I’m quite fond of this picture, (even though i don’t like drawing guns) i like how the shirt turned out. Since the other two top tens were posted, i’ve actually acquired a starfox game so now i can justify my liking of the starfox series. I’ve always admired Falco, he seems like the cool yet hotheaded anime character that i like a lot. He also has some nice one-liners 🙂 .

…looks like i’m gonna have to do one a day now… see you then!

“Hey Einstein, i’m on your side!”

Hey guys, I’m back with the final reasons that the world is ending, so let’s get down to #2!


This picture was taken on December first this year, in Washington, DC. But what does this picture have to do with the end of the world, you ask? well, let me read you the final sign of the end of days (which assumes that all of the other signs have already occurred), from Revelations:

The sign of the Son of man (the Cross) will appear in the heavens and then will take place the Second Coming of Christ with power and great glory. Angels will be sent and shall gather the elect together ‘from the        four winds’

^That sure looks like a cross too me.

So yes, I did mean to post the last two reasons that the world is ending ON the day the world ends, but something I was doing yesterday actually took a lot longer than I expected. That’s ok though, because it’s actually #1 on my list:


I’m street legal, baby! Watch out, new driver, coming through! Back when I first heard about this when Mayan Calendar thing, I realized that that would be the year I got my license. One o f my friends thought this was funny, and exclaimed that “Hey! the world’s gonna end because Ryan’s gonna crash into everything!” Or something to that effect. Flash-Forward to May of this year, and it’ about a week after my birthday. I take the permit test, and miss it by one point. because I was going to be leaving for vacation, and because I’m a slacker, I didn’t get back to take the test until June 21st. it wasn’t until later on that I realized that exactly six months after that date, the world would end.  The prophecy was coming true.

Someone explained to me that the waiting period for being able to take the road test wasn’t six months, but 180 days. this was good for me, because it made me able to take the test starting on the 19th, which would at least dispute my suspicions that I was the bringer of Armageddon. Then in August I took a Driver’s Ed class, and part of their deal was they would take care of the hassle of setting up your own test. Well, they set me up all right, but it was for the 21st. I informed he woman that I was actually eligible to take he test starting on the 19th. she told m that both the 19th and 20th were full. So my test was set for 2:10, 12/21/12. I’m not even making this up. It really felt like fate.

So even though I passed with flying colors, I still felt a little superstitious about the whole thing. That, combined with someone’s parents not wanting their daughter to drive around with a guy who just got his license, made me not feel the need to drive for the rest of the day after I passed. I can totally understand not trusting me, by the way. MY world would have ended if anything were to happen to the passenger of the car.



Top 10 2012 #6

Only 4 days left until christmas! So lets get to finishing the list!

Number 6 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                  (2009)

Toon-Link-#6   Knuckles

Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)

6 Luigi


I’ve always had a preference to the younger mario brother (plus, Luigi’s Mansion is my 2nd favorite Gamecube game) , so I was a little surprised that he never made the top 10 list before. I sorta remember putting him on the runner up list in 2008 though. He has a really sweet personality and while he does get scared a lot that doesn’t stop him from doing the right thing in the end. Besides, Luigi is the bomb!

Gotta go fast! #5 is next!

Top Ten 2012 #7

… Drat, i’m running out of 2012 to post! gotta post at least 2 or 3 a week now…

So lets get to it, ready steady go!

Number 7 Previous Picks

(2008)                                                                    (2009)

Grovyle-#7            7 Grovyle


Grovyle (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Partners of Time/Darkness/Sky)

7 Grovyle


When i was coming up with this list i honestly didn’t expect him to make #7 for the third year in a row, but it just turned out that way XD. While I really like grovyle as a pokemon his personality in the PMD series is just so awesome that sometimes I just play the game so i can watch his cutscenes again :). By the way i am totally a GrovylexHero fan! Celebi’s ok, but i like his relationship with the hero better, (So awesome!)

Ok, #6 is next!

(Btw i’m working on the winter pic for the blog, so just hang on!)

Hey guys! I’ve been, like, more than super busy in the past two weeks with finals and whatnot, but I realized last night that we only have a week until the world ends! plus I kinda ran out of ideas for why the world is ending, but I got some help, and I have 2 more reasons for you!

Sign #4

We all grew up with sesame street. they taught us the ABC’s, numbers, and how to love cookies. It’s been around since before even my dad was born, since 1969. But now the guy who plays Elmo, Kevin Clash, is being fired! What will the world be like when Elmo has a new voice?

Sign #3

Hostess went bankrupt? what the heck?! twinkies are, like, the world’s universal fatty foods! how could the entire world jut stop buying twinkies? Did Americans forget that they need to eat to continue to gain weight? it doesn’t make any sense to me. And then, what makes even less sense is when people found out that Hostess was going out of business, all of their products flew off the shelves! a single twinkie in “mint condition” sold for 500 dollars on ebay. in Chicago, when Hostess’ last shipment hit the stores, people went mad, there were fights all across the city, people stealing boxes out of each other’s carts…. it was worse than black Friday. And that’s saying something.

Now I need to find two more reasons by Friday night….
oh, and speaking of which…..


Now, you and I both know that the world won’t really end, the 21st will come and go, but if it did, would you be fine with that? Is there nothing you would think to do in your final moments? There’s definitely some things that I don’t want to go my whole life without doing. If the world were to end on Friday, if you could see the faint outline of a meteor as it crashes toward you, what would be the last thing you do on this planet? would you want to spend your final moments lying on your back, watching the sky change colors and feeling the temperatures rise as the meteor gets closer? would you break a law, or do something you normally wouldn’t because you’re afraid of the consequences? or would you rather be blissfully unaware, distracting yourself somehow so that you don’t have to think about it? would you spend it running around like a chicken with your head cut off, wishing you had more time to say and do what you always meant to? If you could only talk to one person before we all went up in smoke, who would it be? what would you say?  Would you want to be alone when it happened? or would you want to be with someone you care about?

Food for thought!