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Top 10 Shadow Characters #10

Hey! So I usually do very generic lists, like top 10 favorite zelda characters or villains or what not, so i decided to go with something I don’t see very often, The top 10 Shadow/Dark characters! 

Ok a few rules off the bat, this list is based on personality, their role in the games they are in, and the relationship to the character that they are a dark version of.

So lets get things rolling with Number 10!

Number 10 : Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2)

ImageStarting off with a non-nintendo character, huh. (YES I KNOW I MESSED UP HIS HAIR, DON’T JUDGE ME I DREW THIS WITHOUT A PICTURE TO LOOK OFF OF)

While I am not the biggest fan of shadow, this guy is the 3rd most popular sonic character, so there must be something good about him. I haven’t played SA2, but i’ve seen the plot and shadow is a very cool character. He also gives sonic a run for his money when using chaos control. All that said, i don’t think that Sega has ever specified the relationship between Sonic and Shadow. They’re both hedgehogs, but so is Silver? So i guess he’s not technically a shadow character, but he is a great anti-hero and foil for sonic so he’s at #10.

I think i’ll stick with knuckles as my favorite sonic character.

A hint for next time? I suppose I could,



See you guys later!

Gaming Corner:Contemporary 1

Hey y’all! Welcome to the first installment of something that I am doing for this site, Gaming Corner! Basically the purpose of this is to introduce you to new games and show you some classics as well. The contemporary section will introduce games that are coming out soon or that came out recently, and the retro section will introduce classic games that came out a few years ago.

So let’s Start this all off with a game that came out in March 2012, Rhythm Heaven Fever!


Funny thing is, I got into this series when this game was announced. (Sadly i do not have the dineros to buy it myself…I’m saving up for Luigi’s Mansion 2! 😀 ) Anyway Rhythm Heaven is basically a series of rhythm based minigames that range from kicking footballs on a double date to a dog and a cat playing tennis on dogfighter planes. The series originally started with a GBA (Game boy advance) game, but that version was never released in the US, probably they thought americans would find Japanese humor strange. And while i still don’t get why a frog jumps on the monkey’s head when you play the tambourine wrong, the games are so fun and catchy that you find yourself humming them in the shower! The picture above is of a game called Ringside, where you are a famous wrestler being interviewed by a cute news reporter. It was the first game I saw for this installment and it is easily my favorite.

There are lots of other great games too, Flipper flop and Samurai Slice are also very catchy. Also, after playing 4 minigames, then those songs are combined into a remix, and the Remix ten is my favorite song in the game. The songs themselves range from classical, to rap, to a really cool rock song. While some argue that the Japanese versions are better, i think the translators did an excellent job making this game fun for americans to play. Wow, you go big guy!

Thanks for reading! Tune in next time for a retro game!

Hint for next contemporary game: Prepare to meet the Light!