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Picture of Parthenon I took in late afternoon.

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So. Hey guys. Like Peach said, we all have started High school Mmm. Fun stuff.

So for the last two days in spanish, we have been focusing on VOWELS. I MEAN REALLY. A. E. I. O. U. Okay! We get it! Then today we learned all about greetings. A little better…

World Civ. is wonderful, I get to learn a bunch about Greek and Persia who I both love. I mean the Gods, Polytheism, the Parthenon? WONDERFUL STUFF.

So then I started writing a new short story, fun… Umm. I was going to rant about something but I totally forgot about it, OF COURSE!!!!

Oh. Well I WAS going to go to Bash 2010, but a certain two didn’t ever reply and well, who wants to go to a concert with just their Uncle? I mean, okay, fun, but a little boring…

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