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indie-pen-dance! 4th of july riddle

hello fellow blogians! no that doesn’t sound right… blogites? blog-people? hmm…

hello fellow blog users!! i have a riddle for you that fit the mood today.

July 4th, the day of our flag,
one day of the year, when nothings a drag.
we Picture it perfect, with all our friends,
everything’s Funny, the night never ends.
one way to celebrate is with Flashing Lights
the sky is so pretty, so bright!
so try to find those beautiful sky flashes,
quick, before the fireworks turn to ashes!

sorry, i took like an hour to come up with one, but i could not even find a normal riddle about the fourth of july!(plenty of jokes though), not thebest, but i’ll get beter! so… ill give a hint… r_ _e_ _ _1 if you need more ill fill more blanks.