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In the spirit of Halloween…

hey what up guys i haven’t been on much recently ive been trying to get caught up on filling my sketchbook… and the whole drug minecraft addiction thing. but i looked at my calender and there is just a week until my favorite holiday! (and for those of  you living under a rock or stuck in a closet with nothing but some jelly beans and an issue of Life magazine and thus have no idea what day it is, thats Halloween.) So, in the spirit of this awesome holiday of ours i have decided to introduce to you guys one of the scariest shows out there: The youtube series Marble Hornets. (warning: the following videos are not for the faint at heart)


So basically the series goes like this: Jay, the main character, starts going through all these videos and starts noticing some odd things going on, like alex acting paranoid, sometimes even to the brink of seeming insanity, and for good reason. most videos have nothing to do with marble hornets at all, but rather they are of alex filming himself. here’s why, in entry number 1.

this guy doesnt appear again until entry 4, and then again in #7.  he is based on an internet meme from creepypasta, called slenderman, very tall, with very long arms that seem to change length. he is also sometimes called the operator. when cameras pick up on him, there seems to be a lot of audio and video distortion. he wears a sack on his head, and always is dressed up in a black suit and tie.

Jay begins to investigate, and begins to see some of the same symptoms that alex was having. like alex, jay is now filming himself 24/7, for multiple reasons that i wont reveal for fear of giving away too much, but lets say its so he can show his youtubers. but because he is investigating, he is being followed too. there is also another youtuber, totheark, who is leaving creepy cryptic responses to some of his videos. (warning: the following video is REALLY not suited for the faint at heart.)

Oh, and there’s that guy, too. masky. stalker-ish. I thought about putting in entry number 18, where he appears for the first time, but i think that one is a bit too much for most people. i jumped out of my skin when i saw it. so if you want more, i highly recommend that one. and penultimately, here’s a totheark video(the first, and not as scary as the others)

if these videos have made you a bit too afraid to look around corners or go to sleep, i hope this video will help.

sorry  about the so many videos this time guys i just wanted a real good feel of what i have immersed myself into… if you want to find out what happens next in the series, search for marble hornets on youtube. also, totheark’s videos are pretty creepy if you want to check those out as well. Feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading/watching!