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The Tester

Hey guys It’s Blue. a couple of my friends have recently showed me a hilariously funny youtube series called the Tester in a Nutshell. Basically 3 minute reviews of the worst tv show of all time.

A little bit about the Tester: The tester is a game show/ reality elimination game (like biggest loser and survivor) where 12 competitors compete for a job as a video game tester. each episode centers around “challenges that definitely have something to do with gaming” like shooting watermelons with a slingshot and sitting in boxes full of bugs.

There is so much wrong with this show i don’t even know where to begin. but it’s like this: Playstation already has tons of game testers that haven’t gotten their job through The Tester. therefore, they must be doing the show for publicity. However, in order to have publicity you must have people who actually like the show. there are 2 people voted off each week, making it dificult for characters to be built, and the few likable characters (the funny ones) are all gone by episode four. So, there’s really no reason for anyone to like the show and continue watching it.

The main character: Egoraptor is a cartoonist who loves video games and has a wildly popular youtube channel (you may have heard of his 8 million hit video, PokeAwesome). He convinced his fans to vote for his submission to the show and got in. He’s the only reason anyone has heard of The Tester, and is obviously the main and really only character to 98% of the show’s viewers. the judges, not realizing this, throw him out in the third episode. at any rate, Egoraptor is the pasty white guy with long hair who looks like he’s stoned. Here’s the tester… in a nutshell: