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the riddle is back!

hey everyone! (which really means sethimine, peachsupreme, and occasionally her sister poppycorn) i havent done my usual riddles in a while so i decided i would do 2 today. both of these seem really easy but most people get them wrong. i sure did. take a guess! ill give the answer if someone answers it right or in a week if no one does.

 the first one i may have already told sethimine so if u know it keep your trap shut.

1. a ball and a bat together cost $1.10. the bat is $1.00 more than the ball. how much is the ball?

ok the next one i read in a book and i understand if you dont understand. its called the Monty Hall Problem.

2. Youre on a game show, and the host shows you three doors. behind one is a car. behind the other 2 are goats.(obviously, you want the car) whatever door you pick the host will open one of the 2 you didnt pick and open it to reveal a goat. the host will then ask you if you want to switch to the remaining door, or stay at this one. should you switch or stay?

alright, there they are. have at it! and the first one to answer the second one correctly gets… well, you dont get anything. BUT wont it feel good?