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Top 10 Shadow Characters #10

Hey! So I usually do very generic lists, like top 10 favorite zelda characters or villains or what not, so i decided to go with something I don’t see very often, The top 10 Shadow/Dark characters! 

Ok a few rules off the bat, this list is based on personality, their role in the games they are in, and the relationship to the character that they are a dark version of.

So lets get things rolling with Number 10!

Number 10 : Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2)

ImageStarting off with a non-nintendo character, huh. (YES I KNOW I MESSED UP HIS HAIR, DON’T JUDGE ME I DREW THIS WITHOUT A PICTURE TO LOOK OFF OF)

While I am not the biggest fan of shadow, this guy is the 3rd most popular sonic character, so there must be something good about him. I haven’t played SA2, but i’ve seen the plot and shadow is a very cool character. He also gives sonic a run for his money when using chaos control. All that said, i don’t think that Sega has ever specified the relationship between Sonic and Shadow. They’re both hedgehogs, but so is Silver? So i guess he’s not technically a shadow character, but he is a great anti-hero and foil for sonic so he’s at #10.

I think i’ll stick with knuckles as my favorite sonic character.

A hint for next time? I suppose I could,



See you guys later!