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Hey guys, what’s up, Seth here.

So if you can’t tell, I’ve made some changes to the site, new theme, new links, new sidebar, and little stuff like that.

I had to delete some old people who don’t write on the blog anymore and well, that’s pretty much except…


I think the biggest change that most people will enjoy is- NO MORE STICKY POST! Honestly, people don’t need to be blasted in the face with who we are, and what we’re doing here. This is just for people to enjoy, and just to catch you up!

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  1. peachsupreme said:

    If we’re going to do a header for the blog then i would like it to be high res, I could make a better one if that is what we’re going to do. I also grew to like the sticky post after 3+ years, it was a good way to showcase our website to new viewers.
    Also i personally think the background is a little too white. I like colors ,:<

  2. *this is a reply to seth’s most recent reply to my most recent reply before this one; which was a reply to seth’s most recent reply before his most recent one*

    ERMEHGERD really, i don’t like this arguing. can we please be cool once i’m done? i’m just trying to show you what it looks like from my point of view.

    To your First: The minecraft thing was a joke. i play it, too, remember? … another reason why i want to be cool, i don’t want to join your tekkit server, get killed, then get banned.

    To your Second: the theme we had before you changed it was better than this one, why change it? twice? (rhetorical question, don’t answer) you yourself said you don’t really like this one, what makes you think other people will?

    To your Plus: Nah, that was peach saying it was geting a little annoying. in 2009. And even if i did want it gone then, what makes you think i’d have the same opinion about it now? it’s done us nothing but good in recent months. And about this of being “blasted” about who we are and what we do, do you feel “blasted” when you see the “welcome to louisville” sign upon driving into the city? i sure don’t…

    And i’m gonna at least try out twenty ten, and if you don’t like it, you can take it down and we can try again.

    EDIT: i don’t have a high-res version of the picture for he header, but i think it would look good.

  3. uhm… well im ok with changing the background, but don’t you think it’s a little dark? is it ok if i look around at different ones and then ill turn it on for a couple days to see if we like it? i feel like im having to strain my eyes to look at the screen. personally, i liked the old one better.

    same with the sticky post(it was a useful welcome sign and it explained who we were and what we were doing here; and i really like it.) and the fact that your twitter feed didnt actually work. not that your tweets aren’t important, but… i mean… is this really the place to put them? liek… when i wouldnt put my twiiter feed on here even if i used it, and… uh… it’s like, this is a place for the three of to have fun… not for you to advertize your social life. i’m having trouble explaining exactly how i feel about it. first time that’s happened to me, ever. #Sarcasm

    • Okay, i’ve looked into other backgrounds (haven’t changed it yet) and i really like the following 4: Rusty Grunge, Titan, Splendio, and Twenty Ten. The last one i want you guys to seriously consider: it fits well with our URL (something2010), it is very appealing to the eye, and comes with a customizable header that peach or i could draw as our logo of sorts. think on this, if you want to check it out, go to the appearance page, search “Twenty Ten”, and click live preview.

      • sethimine said:

        I just got the approval of a theme from a bunch of people at the library, so if you like it, we’ll keep it šŸ˜›

        EDIT: And yes, I DID show them the themes that you liked. I mean, I don’t really totally like this one, but it was pretty much a unanimous vote that this one was aesthetically pleasing.

        • i dont like it, not really, no. i’m trying not to sound totally POed right now, because who cares about any of the people at the library? none of them are on this blog, and you should be trying for a unanimous decision between the three of US, first. and then, if we NEED an outside source, if we absolutely CAN NOT come to a decision after talking about it as a group, the three of us will decide whether and when to ask the people you play minecraft with at the library.

          In a more detailed critics view of the theme, the only thing really going for it is the abstract background artwork, which i guess would be okay if we could replace it with something made by us. but it can’t, and it’s honestly not all that appealing to me. and there’s nothing else here that’s different from any other theme. i actually looked at this one briefly in my quest to find the above four and immediately moved on.

          Also, if you had asked us about these themes before you changed them, or asked if it was ok to take down the sticky, (instead of assuming that “most” people would side with you) there could have been a lot of hassle saved. now we still have a long ways to go.

          • sethimine said:

            First of all, not just minecraft people go to the library. There wasn’t even anyone there who did today. Second, if we actually want people looking at the blog, we need something that pleases the eye, and makes people want to stay and look around, even if we don’t necessarily like the theme. I don’t really like it either.

            Plus, I specifically remember you asking me to take it down, and me refusing a long time ago. I’m sure the comments are still there. So it was a safe bet that you all wouldn’t mind, much less be upset about it.

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